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1. Edward Weston was an American photographer. He used an 8 by 10 inch camera lens for most of his work. Some of his work is worth up to $1.6 million, according to an article written in the New York Post in April 2008. 

2. Daybooks he kept regularly from the mid-1920s to 1934, which give veiwers a glimpse into his personal life, his views on photography, and his working methods. He has been recognized as one of the best photographers of the 20th century. 

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Ansel Adams

He was born February 20, 1902 to Charles and Olive Adams in upper class scotland. Ansel had no siblings. they moved to america later in 1902. 

Ansel had a photographic memory, so this helped him a

 lot when he was taking a picture to visualize what he was doing. it helped him take all of his beautiful photographs. He liked to photograph nature more than anything else, and you will rarely see a picture of his that isn't of nature.

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